Does date night create a lot of pressure for you to wear the perfect outfit?

You’re not alone. Those two words seem to stress out many of my new clients because they feel like they just don’t have anything to wear in their closet besides their everyday items like basic casual or work clothes.

The truth is that creating a stunning, sexy outfit for date night does NOT require a trip to an expensive store. You certainly can go shopping, but why not start by shopping in your closet with what you already have? In my experience, here are the 3 key ingredients to create a sexy date night outfit for that next special night out:

1. Color

Black is NOT a color! It’s the absence of color. The fastest way to spice up your outfit is by adding some colors that highlight your radiant self. Start simple and experiment. You can take a simple solid dress or suit, and jazz it up with colorful accents, making it into a completely different outfit.

2 . Creativity

Experiment! Your closet is a family of items just waiting to be utilized together. Think of the clothes in your closet as tools inside of a toolbox. Why not try some different shoe combinations that you never thought would work before? Why not try that blouse that you loved when you bought it, but couldn’t figure out what to do with it. Mix. Match. Try new things. And most importantly, HAVE FUN!

3. Accessories that add “Sparkle.”

No, you don’t need to go shopping for expensive jewelry. In fact, just because it’s sparkly, doesn’t mean it has to be pricey! Simply changing out those earrings, or adding a classy necklace to go with an outfit you already love can give you that “wow” factor that makes you feel like the queen that you are! Keep it simple, find some great pieces you love, and mix and match! Once again, have fun with it!

If you combine these 3 key ingredients, you’ll be sure to shine for that next date night or special occasion. Remember, you’re brilliant already. These tips will just help the brilliance on the outside match the brilliance on the inside.