About Liana

Since I was a little girl

I’ve understood the deep connection between what we wear, how we present ourselves to the world and the intimate connection between our self-esteem and our S.T.Y.L.E.

How we feel about ourselves shows up from the inside out.

Our level of self-acceptance and worthiness is reflected in the people we choose to be with, the clothes we wear and the environment we choose to grow in. This is something I’ve observed throughout my whole life. I’ve always felt it in my innermost being; this deep and natural understanding of the symbiotic relationship between our inner conversation and our outer reflection.

Just a few years ago, I was on stage presenting at a conference. My mom was in the audience (although I didn’t know it at the time). When I opened up to questions after my presentation, I heard a familiar voice start to speak on the audience’s microphone. It was my mother, and she proceeded to tell a story that I myself hadn’t even remembered…

She shared how, when I was young, she was sick a lot and confined to her bed. She said I used to venture into her closet, lined with elegant, colorful dresses, custom suits, and silky blouses. I’d carefully select an outfit for her hoping that if she would just get dressed she would feel pretty, and thus, feel better.

I desired so deeply for my mother to accept my invitation for wellness.

I knew at such a young age, that

What we wear on the outside

is an embodiment of how we feel on the inside.

My mother finished by telling the audience that she was too sick at the time to accept my invitation, but that each of them sitting there today had the opportunity. The audience and I were both profoundly moved by her words. I’d never before known how she felt about my work or the impact my efforts had on her along her journey to health.

What I do remember from my childhood is feeling desperate for her attention. I loved how my mom looked when she dressed up; but what’s more, I knew how she felt when she was dressed: confident, elegant, beautiful and healthy.

When my mother was healthy, she would take us into town to have dresses made for my sister and me. I hated them. Stiff, scratchy material, and uncomfortable; despite being sewn specifically for me. See, we had to wear what we were told to wear. There were expectations for our appearance when we attended events with our parents, and we didn’t get a say in that at all. But what I disliked most about the outfits chosen and made for me was how I felt on the inside when I had to wear them. My outward discomfort meant inner discomfort. I was a naturally outgoing and confident kid at my core, but the minute I had to put on clothes that didn’t suit me, my confidence faded and I didn’t feel myself.

My outward discomfort meant inner discomfort.

On the other hand, one specific time I can recall, my mom had airline stewardess dresses made for us, and we were allowed to wear them when we flew. I LOVED that dress. I felt smart and cute and whimsical: I felt me.

What a difference it made when I was allowed to choose and wear what I felt good in? I was a completely different person.

These were my first experiences with understanding the important role our clothing plays in WHO we truly are.

As I grew up, I continued to observe in myself and others how what we wear and how we present ourselves to the world is a direct reflection of how we feel on the inside.

I’ve chosen various paths of study, degrees, and licenses in a variety of specialties, and they’ve always had one thing in common:


I’ve studied art, gemology, fashion and design. I’m an award-winning Couturier, a certified hypnotherapist and I share these passions in five languages all over the world. Words create worlds. The more we expand our diversity and language, the more I believe we can bring the world closer together.

As I’ve pursued each next opportunity, whether as a student, teacher, or along my career path, I’ve always sought out a deeper understanding of 

what makes women authentically

powerful, unstoppable and vibrant

Early on in my career, at the age of 22, I worked as a translator in Hamburg, Germany. Part of my official duties was to guide visiting dignitaries and officials on tours of the city and translate for them. These tours didn’t just include visiting cultural sites – I took them shopping, as well.

One of the most impactful experiences I ever had occurred while I was working with the proud, strong wife of a Middle Eastern cultural attache. She was a dignified, articulate, intelligent woman, who looked like royalty. She wasn’t tall, yet she was quite striking with wonderful, voluptuous curves and a small waist (even after having had five children!). She was excited to go shopping, and she had the money to spend.

When we walked into the Chanel store, her face lit up with excitement, as her eyes fell on rows upon rows of exquisite clothing. I was instantly taken back to my childhood and the feeling I got when I went into my mom’s closet. We explained to the sales clerk that we needed something elegant – a suit my client could wear to an important event.

The sales clerk glanced at my client for an instant, and said with noticeable disdain, “We don’t have anything in your size.”

My client instantly collapsed into a puddle of nothing.

I realized that in one small moment, that sales clerk robbed my client of her joy, her self-esteem, and her excitement with a handful of cold words. Loud and clear, she embarrassed my client – she told her that she wasn’t good enough to wear those clothes. I was mortified. My heart sank.

This woman deserved to feel GOOD about herself! Every woman deserves to feel


And right then, my mission moving forward was clear:

I was meant to help as many women as I could see their own beauty – to become empowered through their choices.

I would teach them how to choose clothes that flattered their bodies and made them feel WORTHY, strong, and as uniquely beautiful as they truly are, so they could show up authentically in the world!

When I first began working in the garment industry, there was no such thing as an “image consultant.” I realized that the employees working in retail stores, much like the emotional ice queen from Chanel, weren’t interested or equipped in truly helping people understand what works best on their bodies. And I also learned that most women don’t know what colors and styles look best on them. So I originally became a custom clothing designer. This way, I could literally hand out self-esteem – one garment at a time.

Now, with over 30 years of experience as a custom clothing designer, color specialist, and Master Couturier, I am a high-level clothing craftswoman, pattern maker and seamstress who really understands all the facets of clothing that fits the way it should on your body.

Today, I combine all of my experience, knowledge and training as an Image Therapist to provide transformation through the empowerment of language, action and wardrobe.

I believe that everyone is a Masterpiece

and that all we are missing is the education to dress our beautiful bodies, which our Spirit gets to live in for the time we are dancing on earth.

Dressing is an embodied action.

When we know who we are and who we are meant to be in the world, we get to express this trueness in every moment.

I help women like you uncover their own Unique Essential Formula™.

My mission is to help you find your personal blueprint or path to showing up

authentically as you… all of you.