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So many women freak out about creating the perfect hair color and style, and convince themselves that the entire process needs to be hard. The key to looking and feeling our best is to use and accentuate the wonderful qualities we already have.

Authenticity is beautiful and attractive. Embracing our quirks and our differences allows us to be free, and completely present with everything the universe has to offer. Instead of working so hard to hide our imperfections, let’s celebrate them!

I invite you to allow things to be easy and simple. Whether it’s your wardrobe, your hair, or your business, give yourself permission to be imperfect. Grant yourself the gift of allowing your natural amazing brilliance to stand out and be seen. Don’t “try” too hard.

I share more on this topic in the video and article below, but for now, have a wonderful month, and enjoy the season you’re in!

I love you and have an amazing month!

Perfectly Imperfect

We are all masterpieces exactly the way we are. We are perfectly imperfect, and we have an opportunity every day to show the world who we really are. Our imperfections are what make us beautiful and unique if we choose to embrace them instead of hide from them or pretend they don’t exist.

It’s human to be imperfect. In fact, life would be pretty boring if we all were perfect wouldn’t it?

I see you. I see your beauty, your radiance, and your wonderful uniqueness. I see your gorgeous soul without the makeup, the jewelry, and the expensive hairdo. I see what makes you amazing just by witnessing the authenticity of your masterpiece.

The question is, do YOU see this in you?

It can be scary to really look at ourselves and see the realness of who we are. That’s why I invite you to practice what I call “The Mirror Exercise.”

Each day, I encourage you to stand in front of the mirror completely naked, stripped down, without your second skin of clothing, jewelry and makeup. Really take in all of your brilliance and bear witness to the masterpiece that you are

The same life force that created rivers, mountains, oceans and stunning sunsets also created YOU. Allow that to sink into your being as you stand in front of that mirror every day. Allow it without judgment or criticism. If you see a new curve on your body, embrace it and welcome it. If you see an imperfection, approach it with gratitude and amazement.

Instead of looking for what we don’t love or what we want to change, what would be possible if we just stood there in the mirror and accepted how fantastic we are, in all our glory?

When you give yourself the gift of seeing that beauty in the mirror every day, can you imagine the impact that would have on how you feel every day, and what kind of impact that would have on everyone you meet?

Allow yourself to show the world ALL of who you are. Honor it. Bask in it. Own it.

It’s my honor and blessing to guide you on this transformational journey.

“You Love the Outfit But Does It Love You.”

Liana Chaouli, (pronounced sha-oo-li), is the President and Founder of Image Therapists International Inc. and a globally recognized thought leader , style expert and educator. Ms. Chaouli, provides transformation through the empowerment of wardrobe. She has spent two decades consulting CEOs, celebrities, and political figures on matters of self-image.

As the developer of Image Therapy™, she works closely with her clients on their personal and professional presence using analysis, physical appearance, and education to adjust attitudes affecting self-esteem and overall sense of worth. Her clients include Bob Mackie, The Canfield Training Group, IBM, Nordstrom’s, Coldwell Banker University, Chico’s, and many more.

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