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We all have the opportunity to choose our words and actions wisely, yet more often than not we simply react. Notice yourself when things get difficult, how are you being, what are your thoughts, where do you react …. rather than making a mindful choice? Let us know what you’re discovering about yourself and your actions by sharing your experiences on our FB page at:

Liana Chaouli, (pronounced sha-oo-li), is the President and Founder of Image Therapists International Inc. and a globally recognized thought leader , style expert and educator. Ms. Chaouli, provides transformation through the empowerment of wardrobe. She has spent two decades consulting CEOs, celebrities, and political figures on matters of self-image.

As the developer of Image Therapy™, she works closely with her clients on their personal and professional presence using analysis, physical appearance, and education to adjust attitudes affecting self-esteem and overall sense of worth. Her clients include Bob Mackie, The Canfield Training Group, IBM, Nordstrom’s, Coldwell Banker University, Chico’s, and many more.

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