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Happy Valentines Month! Welcome to the February edition of the Empowered S.T.Y.L.E. Newsletter.

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The Foundation of Image Therapy

Please click below for your Image Therapy 101 lesson for this month. In this edition, I’m sharing all about COLOR! There are millions of colors in the world. It’s important to notice the variety of colors. You are unique and your coloring is different than anyone else, so you can’t be put into a category. Learn more below.

This month’s action step: Stick to primary colors to begin learning color. Start paying attention to the distinctions of color. Play with color this month.

“If the outfit shows up before you do, please put it back.”

Color Your Way to Your Soulmate

Could stress be stopping you from manifesting your soulmate?  Very possibly!  Stress can be a major “love block” and one of the fastest cures for stressed out women is to rebuild their oxytocin levels.  Oxytocin is the bonding hormone known as the “super glue of love!” and adult coloring, which is now sweeping the nation as the newest relaxing, creative and fun past time, builds oxytocin and reduces stress.

And you can color your way to your soulmate with my friend Arielle Ford’s newest bestseller, Inkspirations Love by Design: Coloring the Divine Path to Manifest Your Soulate.

This unique, transformational coloring book, blends Arielle’s celebrated step-by-step method for manifesting a soulmate with the romantic, original artwork of internationally acclaimed artist Manja Burton. Arielle has helped thousands of men and women around the world to meet and marry the love of their lives based on the ancient system of the Law of Attraction. The book provides step-by-step manifesting instructions combined with 32 coloring pages and love mandalas, that create the frequency of love in your life and allow you to realize your romantic destiny. Coloring is far more than a fun way to unwind—it’s also a potent path to discover the one who was meant for you. Get yours now!

Arielle is also offering a free “Color Your Way to Love” 30-minute manifesting instructional video at  

Liana Chaouli, (pronounced sha-oo-li), is the President and Founder of Image Therapists International Inc. and a globally recognized thought leader , style expert and educator. Ms. Chaouli, provides transformation through the empowerment of wardrobe. She has spent two decades consulting CEOs, celebrities, and political figures on matters of self-image.

As the developer of Image Therapy™, she works closely with her clients on their personal and professional presence using analysis, physical appearance, and education to adjust attitudes affecting self-esteem and overall sense of worth. Her clients include Bob Mackie, The Canfield Training Group, IBM, Nordstrom’s, Coldwell Banker University, Chico’s, and many more.

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