The Virtual S.T.Y.L.E. Academy
People should

Remember you

not  your clothes.

You can learn to appreciate your beautiful MASTERPIECE, connect to your deepest desires and unveil your true spirit.

A deep-dive, detailed, home study program to transform you and your wardrobe from the inside out and reveal the divine MASTERPIECE that is THE TRUE YOU.

Discover YOUR Inner Goddess Through Signature S.T.Y.L.E.™

The 6 Core Elements of Signature S.T.Y.L.E.™

  • Module 1: The Inner Workings of Your Masterpiece
  • Module 2: Find the Hidden Jewels In Your Wardrobe.
  • Module 3: How to Dress for Your Unique Body Architecture.
  • Module 4: How To Easily Choose the Perfect Colors for You!
  • Module 5: How to Select the RIGHT Fit and Cut for Your Body.
  • Module 6: How to Choose the Right Texture, Print, Stripes and More!

Interactive and Experiential Program

  • Private S.T.Y.L.E.™ Facebook Group for Members Only
  • 5 Closet Cleanse Challenge Video Trainings
  • 4 Life Event Master Trainings

It’s time to express your one-of-a-kind essence and finally create a wardrobe that lets your true brilliance shine. 

I see you, Beautiful Soul, and I ask you, are you seeking …

    • to be seen, cherished, and connected with those around you?
    • more confidence and power to show up as the MASTERPIECE that you truly are?
    • an impactful learning system to support you in courageously dressing like the goddess that you are?
    • more confidence and power to show up as the best version of YOU no matter where you go?
    • a new love of shopping … to find the clothes that make you look and feel fabulous?
    • an effortless way to apply your S.T.Y.L.E.™ knowledge on a daily basis and access a system that works for YOU! 

    Look, you and I have spent enough time feeling overwhelmed, trapped, and stuck in our own S.T.Y.L.E. ™ or the lack thereof. It’s time to stop hiding and own your greatness.

    Consider me your partner in embracing your MASTERPIECE, so that you can practice feeling better about yourself on a daily basis! As your personal image therapist and S.T.Y.L.E. Sage™, I’m committed to meeting you exactly where you are at in this moment so that you can be guided towards what’s possible for YOU. My vision for you is to master the art of revealing your MASTERPIECE.

    The Virtual S.T.Y.L.E.™ Academy is my signature system which has been developed over the past four decades in response to the challenges experienced by thousands of men and women on a daily basis. This is your opportunity to dive deep into an empowering body of work that has proven to create extensive personal transformation. 

    For the sake of your empowerment and learning, I live and breathe this work – my vision is for EVERY person to live in freedom while practicing empowerment through the process of Image Therapy™ every day.

    Too many women walk into a store and feel robbed of their joy, their self-esteem, and their dignity.

      In just a heartbeat, the cold words of a sales clerk in a store, or a well-meaning friend or family member can really cut deeply. These painful moments become imprinted in our bodies and we collapse into what feels like a puddle of nothing, because we feel judged, small and unworthy.

      That’s where you and I meet, my mission was born out of these moments…

      I am determined to support you in TRANSFORMING your self-belief into solid self-esteem through your choice of clothing.

      Your closet is a tool box. Learn to stock it with tools which sustain your brilliance in the world.

      My purpose and my passion is to teach women how to choose clothes that flatter their bodies and make them feel WORTHY, beautiful and sexy.

      I believe wholeheartedly that every client that enters my world is a dignified, graceful, intelligent woman ready to claim her crown.

      Our clothing is our second skin. Sadly, most of us use clothing to hide rather than letting our wardrobe bring out the best of who we are.

      People should remember you, not your clothes.



      You can learn to appreciate your beautiful MASTERPIECE, connect to your deepest desires and unveil your true spirit.

      It’s time to go within, shift your beliefs, let go of the old stories you’ve been telling yourself, and discover how to source your style in a way that feels AMAZING!

      I invite you to discover for yourself how to let your true brilliance shine!

      Here’s some global feedback about the Virtual S.T.Y.L.E. Academy:

      Lisa Sasevich, the Queen of Sales Conversion, shares her experience working with Liana Chaouli

      “Liana has made such a profound impact on my life, and her systems touch me every single day when I have to select clothing and figure out what the image I want to portray is, whether it’s on TV, video, live events, or even going to pick up my kids at school.”

      It’s amazing

      how much your clothing can have an impact on the world!

      “I fell in love with my closet, which is something I never thought that I’d do. I took your course after my weight loss as I didn’t know how to dress my new body. And professionally, I’m stepping out from the sidelines and into front and center where I can no longer hide behind a logo.

      Now I feel like I’m a walking billboard that says ‘I’m open, I’m welcome, I’m happy and I exude joy’ and that’s something you can’t do with a black blazer and a black skirt. Everyday I wear color now and I love the reaction I get from people. Everyone’s commented on the way I dress…from friends and family, to potential clients and clients. It’s amazing how much your clothing can have an impact on the world!”

      – Jennifer Waller

      Do you have these common questions?

      I’m here to answer them…

      How do I know this will work for me?

      Like anything else, the results you experience are directly dependent on YOU. If you are willing to learn, to grow, and to become empowered, you will walk away from this experience transformed. The more you open up and the more effort you invest; the more you will get out of our time together.

      I don't have time to deal with my closet. I'm overwhelmed as it is! How can I invest so much time learning about clothes?

      May I be frank with you? Think about how much time you spend trying to figure out what to wear and buying clothes that you never wear. Your closet is empty, your bed is dressed, and you’re still standing there naked with no clue what to wear… how many times do you do that in one month?

      This experience is about so much more than clothes! This is about guiding you to a new vision of who you are. Shopping and dressing will no longer be a source of stress, because every single morning when you open your closet, you’ll ONLY find clothes that make you look and feel fantastic!

      Your closet will become a toolbox which will support you in showing up authentically, everywhere you go. Best of all, you’ll recognize your inner beauty, and reflect it in your new, empowered clothing choices!

      What if I want to lose some weight first?

      You want to wake up tomorrow morning and be able to dress the body that you’re in. You don’t dress for a body that you don’t have yet, whether you are a size 2 or a size 22, you’re dressing for the body you have NOW. Because tomorrow when Oprah comes and sits on your couch, you’ve got to be ready!

      With all the money I've already spent on clothes, how can I justify spending more money to register for this program? What if my spouse won't support my choice to spend more money on tis?

      Understanding exactly which clothes you want and which clothes your body needs is an education that is an investment in yourself and your future which will forever pay you back when applied properly. You will never buy the wrong clothes that will fill up your closet with unneeded items.

      Will I learn what to do with all my existing clothes? Right now I don't know what to keep and what to let go of?
      Yes, you will learn what to let go of in the first 3 modules!

      Are you still wondering

      if The Virtual S.T.Y.L.E.™ Academy is for you?

      Ask me any question about The Virtual S.T.Y.L.E.™ Academy and I’ll help you get clear so you know if it’s the right fit for you.

      You are very important to us. Once you submit your question, a knowledgeable member of the Image Therapists International team will contact you personally to provide answers about our program.

      Have questions? Send us a note and we'll get them answered!

      A comprehensive, straight-from-my-heart-to-yours transformation to go from frustration with your wardrobe to adoring the divine MASTERPIECE that is THE TRUE YOU.