Be Proud Of Your Assets Not Ashamed Of Your Flaws

I know that I’m always talking about leaving the past in the past because where you are today and now is the place we are truly working from.

But the truth is, so much of who we are as adults is relfective of our past. Today I’m talking about the beautiful and good things that are deeply ingrained in our character that are still with us today.

I want you to take a spotlight; no, a floodlight; and I want you to shine it on those parts of you that are magical and beautiful. I want you to amplify them. 

I want you to be proud of your assets and not ashamed of your flaws.

Because the truth is, when you really look at your life, there are no flaws. There are just situations that we learn from, situations that are sometimes very challenging. But when you go back to the recognition of how amazing you are, and I’m not talking about arrogance, I’m talking about truly acknowledging, “Hey, I’m really good at that.” I’m talking about claiming your crown. You want to be proud of your assets and not ashamed of your flaws. Because if you aren’t proud of yourself for who you truly are, you won’t be able to communicate your worth to others.

Today I invite you to be proud of your assets and not ashamed of your flaws. And I invite you to go to someone and actually say that. Tell them, “I noticed this week that I’m really patient. I’m patient when someone is sharing or upset or angry. I have found it in myself that I can actually sit with them and be gracious and I’m really proud of that.” By naming our qualities and speaking them out loud, we honor them. We are each unique and our MASTERPIECE is unlike anyone else’s. 

To claim your crown is to recognize the amazing assets you have to offer the world.

This, in turn, gives you confidence to go forth in your work, in your relationships, and in the little things that happen in life knowing that you are valuable. 

Here is your assignment after reading this post: Notice how amazing you are and write it down. Write down a list of your assets and read them aloud to yourself. When you practice noticing the positives, you can frame your mind to think in these terms. The flaws and faults will no longer be the centerpiece of your time or emotions because your focus will be on the beautiful things that make you a MASTERPIECE.

In love and S.T.Y.L.E.,


P.S. I think you would enjoy watching a video of this blog post. Click the link below and enjoy!

Be Proud of your Assets not Ashamed of your Flaws

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