Feel Sensations In A Different Way

You know how I always say to you, I want you to listen to the world with all your senses?

I want you to listen to the world with your ears, with your eyes, with your skin, with a sense of touch, with your gut, with everything and every sensation your body offers. We usually think about the world or listen to the world with our minds. But that’s not how I would like you to do this exercise. 

This is a daily practice I invite you to, enter your life through the portal of sensuality.

Come into the world of your listening with all your sensations. Imagine using a feather, gently gliding the tip over your face, your neck, or the inside of your arm. I use this particular feather because I want to thank Dr. Joy Martina for sharing a beautiful gift at one of her goddess retreats a while back. Not only does this feather remind me of a wonderful time together, it’s been a powerful tool for many of my teachings. 

I want to thank the goddesses at that retreat for an embodied example of sensuality. Dr. Joy Martina shares much about this in her seminars as do I. I invite you all to take a feather, or you can use something else that’s soft (i.e. a silk scarf, a soft powder brush, a piece of velvet) to experience this particular sensuality exercise. 

You can even use a beautiful little handkerchief but I want to invite you to feel sensations in a different way because when you feel the tactility of something beautiful, you reside in your body in a more deliberate way. So when I invite you to “feel the insides of your eyelids”, many of you have heard me say this to you often I really mean for you to feel and experience that sensation. 

When you feel the insides of your eyelids, you get to be back in your body. You’re not living 10 feet away from this body, meaning you’re not up in your mind trying to walk the longest distance between two spaces. The distance I’m speaking of is the road you travel between your mind and your heart. So as you feel the sensation, speak kindly to yourself. Speak kindly about others so that you can show up with grace and compassion as you walk through your day.  

Please be as gentle with yourself as the feather is on your skin and then notice how you are feeling, notice the sensations which arise.

The softness will invite you to be soft, so for the rest of this week or the month, or whatever time you choose, you can carry this sensation with you. Try it out. Be gentle. Be gentle to yourselves and be gentle to others. Remember, feel the insides of your eyelids. I love you. Have a fabulous day, and stay gentle, sensual, kind, and sexy. 

In love and S.T.Y.L.E.,


P.S. I think you would enjoy watching a video of this blog post. Click the link below and enjoy!

Feel Sensations in Different Ways 

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