Law of Attraction

This week  I want to talk about something that’s very near and dear to my heart, which is the law of attraction.

And so many of you who are in this work, you’ve heard me speak about, “What is your focus?” I don’t really always call it that; I don’t name it that; because focus means many things to different people…however, I do want to focus on the law of attraction today.

And the reason why I want to focus on it is because so many of you have heard me share how I used to “smuggle consciousness” into people’s lives, one garment at a time. The truth is, I’m done smuggling. No more smuggling. It’s all out in the open. The Healing Art of Image Therapy™ is a powerful process and I’m going to get in your face. It is part-and-parcel and goes hand-in-hand, with the law of attraction.

If you think about image therapy being the process of “designing who you are,” essentially what we’re doing is to listen, look, taste, touch, and feel with your heart. That’s essentially what this is. And that is one piece in the whole realm of possibility and attraction.

So the law of attraction is based on “What can I do? How can I focus my world? How can I focus everything? How can I focus everything that I’m doing on the thing that I really want in my life? What is the thing that I want?”

Here’s an analogy I want to give you as a visual for understanding. Remember the lamp from the story of Aladdin? A person would rub it and then the genie would come out to grant wishes to the master. Let me give you my interpretation of all of this. The genie is actually your soul, your spirit, your inner being; everything that you are. And the focus, meaning the law of attraction, is when you’re focusing on what’s absolutely amazing by rubbing the lamp and then expressing your wishes. You send rockets of desire, as Abraham calls it, into the world.

The rubbing of the lamp and expressing wishes magnifies, amplifies and ignites what’s inside the beautiful piece. I have my own version of this. A beautiful piece that was given to me by Princess Noor when I was in Jordan. We were up on top of Petra mountain, and I saw it, and Noor just said, “I want to get that for you.” So it’s very meaningful for me. It sits next to my bed. I pray for her and for all the Middle Eastern countries and for all the women in the Middle Eastern countries. And for all of you guys every night before I go to bed. I say my gratitude upon this beautiful piece, because it is part of the law of attraction. Meaning what am I attracted to?

So what are you going to focus on this week? Are you going to focus on that which is messed up around you, or are you going to focus on that which is fantastic?

That’s the basic balance. And you know what? I’ve got news for you: all of that is a choice. You can either choose to be in misery, or you can choose to be in magnificence. It’s not that complicated.

I know life happens and I know sometimes it’s hard, but move on. The difficulties are usually not in the current moment. They’re not here. They’re not in this beautiful magical box. They’re not in your glass of water. They’re not behind those flowers. They’re not right here in your shirt. No. They’re in the past.

So if you live life in this moment with the gratitude and the joy that every moment brings with it you’ll invite greatness into your life. Because this moment is over, and then this moment, and then this moment, and these are moments that never come back. Choose to be with the law of attraction. You invite the greatness into your life by being greatness. Be the offer, don’t make the offer.

So your homework for this week is find yourself something that will re-remind you to express your wishes.

Focus so that your spirit; your inner being; can come out and be its magnificent self…without your resistance. Because the only thing that’s stopping you from rubbing the lamp and letting your wishes out is your own resistance. Let the resistance out of the lamp and be you.

I love you all. Thank you for being in our tribe. Thank you for being in my life. I’m so grateful for all of you. I wish you the best. Go out, look magical and beautiful and let your MASTERPIECE shine. Have a great week.

In love and S.T.Y.L.E.,

P.S. I think you would enjoy watching a video of this blog post. Click the link below and enjoy!

Law of Attraction

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