Play With Color

Today’s insight is all about color.

I invite you to play in your closet every weekend. And I say weekend because it’s likely the only time you can actually carve out some time for yourself. Give yourself the gift of playing in your closet, playing with color, putting things together; color combinations that you usually wouldn’t put together; and try it–just play.

We used to play so much when we were children and you’ve taken that beautiful space away from yourself. Give it back to YOURSELF; go play in your closet. Take the things that don’t seem like they would match, but if they’re there and if you’ve learned a little bit you can say, “Okay, well, this is my eye color, and this is my hair color, and this is in my blood, and this is in my skin.” Start combining things in interesting and different ways. 

Every time I go into my own closet I think, “What can I give you that could be a reminder?

How can I get up under you like a boulder to remind you or re-remind you to go play with color? What does color next to my face do? What does color next to my skin do? What does color on my lips do? What does color on my finger do?”

Remember, dressing is an embodied action.

With freedom and practice you will learn what works on you by way of color, texture, shape, etc. But you’ll only fall into this place of new learning once you allow yourself the freedom to play around with the pieces in your closet. What doesn’t work, is leaving an outfit to the last minute and then scrambling to put pieces together. Under this circumstance, dressing is hurried and can be mindless, leaving you frustrated as you head out the door to your event. 

By building in time each week to play in your closet and explore color, you are essentially equipping yourself with a toolkit-a toolkit of outfits and combinations that work on you and you feel good in. This toolkit is invaluable because then the next time you need to throw something together last minute, you already know what to choose. 

Color is one of the most beautiful ways we can express ourselves to the world.

When we know what colors work with our skin and our eyes and our hair we can wear them with confidence, allowing our truest selves to show. When we are confident, we thrive. 

So today I invite you to make time for yourself to play. Allow yourself an hour this week to build your toolkit of outfits that make you feel YOU! 

In love and S.T.Y.L.E.,

P.S. I think you would enjoy watching a video of this blog post. Click the link below and enjoy!

Play With Color

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