What Are You Eclipsing?

Today I have a very special S.T.Y.L.E. appetizer.

Have you ever seen a lunar eclipse?

I’m always in awe on these special days when the moon darkens as it passes into the earth’s shadow. It’s magnificent, gorgeous, spectacular, seductive, intriguing, powerful, energetic, and magnetic. 

Just like a lunar eclipse, which is one of a kind, so are you. I want you to remember that. For me, lunar eclipses have always been powerful from the inside out. I have a very strong connection to the moon. I call her Grandmother Moon and the moon gives me a lot of strength. I moon bathe. Yes, I open the window. I take away the curtains, and then I lie on my bed and I moon bathe. I would rather do it outside, but if I can’t do it outside, I do it inside. I go into the desert or by the ocean and moon bathe. The moon is amazing. The moon moves the oceans, the tide, and we are connected to these powers. We’re just like the ocean. Our bodies are made up of mostly water, and the moon has a very strong effect on who we are. 

If you’ve never considered it, today I invite you to pay attention to the moon; pay attention to the light of the moon; pay attention to your connection to light.

An eclipse involves the sun and earth and the moon. The sun shines on one side of the earth, shadowing the other side, and the moon moves into that shadow, making it completely dark for a period of time. So this is a bigger conversation, but for now it’s a S.T.Y.L.E. Appetizer that I invite you to for this week: ask yourself, “What am I eclipsing? What am I hiding? What happens when I move through my life and I hide?”

Consider for a moment  the times in our lives when things happen and they come in front of us, essentially causing us to hide. I’m talking about life’s happenings, situations, difficulties and challenges. The way life happens, it comes in sometimes, and then it obscures our light. So then we have a choice: Can I rest with this challenge like an eclipse and just wait for it to pass? Can I stay steadfast and strong in the shadow for a time, just like the moon? The moon, doesn’t say, “Oh, there’s the earth coming in front of me, I guess I’m not good enough.” No. The moon is steadfast and it waits, exactly as it was before it was eclipsed, for the shadow to pass and the sun to shine on it again.

What is it that we do then? When life hands us these moments…Do we freak out? Do we grasp at straws?

Think for a moment about how you personally handle challenges as they come. Do you stay strong and steadfast, like the moon, confident that the time will pass and you’ll come out on the other side just the same as you went in?

Notice just how steadfast the moon is because it knows the shadow is coming. I believe that we can all feel the planets, and the earth, and the rotation, and the relationship that we all have to one another. We can feel things that are coming and that are going to be in our way; things that might eclipse us.

So the essential question, at it’s core today is: How do you do LIFE in moments of eclipse?

Are you able to move along and trust yourself and your MASTERPIECE? Are you willing to consciously anticipate the moment knowing that you’re strong and steadfast and that this too shall pass? Because it will pass. The challenge you may be facing in this moment as you read this, didn’t come to stay.

I know that many of you are going through challenging times. I know I always am. Life is different, but can you be with life exactly the way it is and exactly the way it isn’t? Can you rest in utmost joy for the moment, even when you’re doing something you don’t love to do? Think about that. Go out and sparkle, be beautiful, play in your closet. Don’t forget. Don’t get stuck behind that eclipse. Come out and play. 

In love and S.T.Y.L.E.,

P.S. I think you would enjoy watching a video of this blog post. Click the link below and enjoy!

What are you eclipsing?

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